The Best Plus Size Maternity Underwear Options

Finding great maternity underwear when you’re pregnant is tricky. We’ve got you covered with the best plus size maternity underwear options. The post The Best Plus Size Maternity Underwear Options

A “New” Plus Size Maternity Option – Torrid Maternity!

The struggle is real when it comes to finding cute plus size maternity options. So we’re thrilled to learn Torrid has a Torrid Maternity line! The post A “New” Plus

How to Dress Pregnant: Barely Bumped / the In-Between Stage

Stage 1: Barely Bumped AKA the In Between Stage In between “I had a body!” and “I look pregnant!”  In between “I feel fine” and “I finally am not sick

Keepin’ it Real. IRL with an IRL newborn.

We meet pregnant women, and new moms, day in and day out, IRL.  No filters, no apps.  Today one of them said, of being a new mom “This is wonderful,I

The Killer Details; How to Slay while Pregnant

Yes!  You can totally be cool and pregnant at the same time.  In fact, you get extra bonus points, because, for reasons we can’t explain, people think that if you’re

Top Picks for Two Seasons

Unless you live in Antarctica or Hawaii there is no way to make it through twelve months (pregnancy and the trip back down) in just one season. We carefully curate

How to dress YOU -with a baby bump

 We moms come in all shapes and sizes and have different styles.   Finding your body by baby style wile your shape and size shifts can be a challenge. You knew

9 Pieces/ 9 Months: bump & beyond essentials

“But what should I buy first?” is a question we get in our stores all. the. time. This will depend a little on lifestyle, but there are some basic things

Not Your Mother’s Breast Pumps: Recommendations from IRL Moms for 2019

Can we keep it real? Yes we can! In real life, in store, we’ve got you covered. It has been 20 years since I used a breast pump. A lot has

10 tricks to hide a first trimester or post-partum bump

So, you hopefully have heard it before you heard it here.  The first trimester and your postpartum body will look remarkably similar.  These tips are designed to hide a bump-early