Month: February 2020

Secrets From Your Doula

Have you ever found yourself saying, “I wish I knew that earlier” or “I wish I knew that during my first pregnancy”? Whether this is your first, second or ninth

Tips For Managing Stressful Situations With Little Ones

How many of you have woken up with a sick baby lately? Or maybe you’re the one who woke up feeling like you just got ran over by a Mac

Postural Tips During Pregnancy

As your baby bump grows, your posture can shift, causing some aches + pains to creep in. To help you feel your best during pregnancy, here are some important postural

What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag

What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag As your due date approaches, it’s a good time to start packing your hospital bag. To ensure you, your partner and your new

How To Safely Do Squats During Pregnancy

How To Safely Do Squats During Pregnancy! Squats can be a great exercise during pregnancy because they not only help keep your legs, glutes + core strong, but they can

Natural Induction Methods

Is There A Way To Jump Start My Labor Process? As we enter those last weeks of pregnancy, it is completely natural to start researching different natural induction methods to help get

Pelvic Floor Exercises For Pregnancy

How Do You Know If Your Exercises During Pregnancy Are Good For Your Pelvic Floor? Before we jump into what exercises you should/shouldn’t be doing during pregnancy, let’s first talk

Prenatal Vitamins: Why They Matter + How To Choose

We all know that Prenatal Vitamins are important. But which one is right for you? Have you ever walked down the vitamin aisle and felt completely overwhelmed by the number

Geriatric Pregnancy Explained

We invited Natalie, a Certified Doula to talk with us about geriatric pregnancy. Together, we answer a lot of your questions and dive into a wide range of topics that

Allergie e bambini: l’importanza del latte materno

L’Organizzazione Mondiale sulla Salute nota con l’acronimo “OMS” ha rilevato come l’allattamento al seno, laddove possibile, sia da preferire ad alimenti artificiali oltre che per una questione sociologica, il bambino