Top 10 Essential Oils While Pregnant That are Completely Safe

Essential oils are taken therapeutically in different ways. But all of them are not necessarily safe for pregnant women. There are two important factors to know about when using essential oils while pregnant. First, you should avoid ingesting essential oils, and second, you need to understand the dilution rates to use them topically.

It can be safe to use essential oils while pregnant but use caution during the first trimester. If you have any concerns please consult your Obstetrician.
With that being said, over my years with essential oils—and four babies—I have done my research, consulted my doctor, and compiled a list of great essential oils that are safe to use during pregnancy. Read on for how to use my completely safe top ten essential oils during pregnancy. 
Top 10 Essential Oils While Pregnant That are Completely Safe
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Mood and Skin Supporting Essential Oils While Pregnant
1.     Frankincense
Frankincense is well known for its religious history. Diffuse for soothing emotional support and anxiety relief. Mixed with a carrier oil, it can aid in fighting jaundice, inflammation, bronchitis, arthritis, or aging skin.
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2.     Ylang Ylang
Ylang Ylang oil has a calming effect that promotes relaxation, kills bacteria, and lowers high blood pressure. Diffusing Ylang Ylang combats stress, panic, rapid heart rate, depression, and anxiety. Perhaps its most amazing attribute, use Ylang Ylang as an aphrodisiac.
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Medicine Cabinet Helpers
3.     Cedarwood
Cedarwood is great for respiratory support. During pregnancy, there is nothing worse than morning sickness except a major cold.
Of course, I wanted to find a solution using essential oils while pregnant. One natural remedy is to diffuse Cedarwood to help open up your airways. Cedarwood can also be used topically on the throat and chest several times a day to help with a cough.
There are lots of other great uses for Cedarwood including promoting hair growth and improving skin conditions like eczema, fungal infection, dry scalp, and acne.
4.     Tea Tree
Tea Tree Oil, otherwise known as Melaleuca essential oil, is probably best known for its antiseptic properties and ability to treat wounds. This is why it’s one of the top antibacterial essential oils while pregnant.
Use it to make homemade cleaning products, or diffused to kill toxic mold that’s growing in your home. Used topically it helps fight viral infections like cold-sores and influenza. You can also use it to fix athletes foot and warts.
5.     Lemon
Lemon is definitely a spirit lifter. We use it in our home for a fresh scent in our cleaning products and diffused while the kids are doing their homework for added focus. Lemon essential oils while pregnant are helpful to combat morning sickness.
6.     Lavender
Lavender is another one of those must-have essential oils while pregnant. A little Lavender oil in a diffuser is perfect to fight those pregnancy blues, or aid in sleeping.
Lavender is also one of the best essential oils while pregnant for alleviating aches and pains. Use it diluted topically where you are having discomfort, skin irritation, bug bites, dry/cracked skin, burns, and eczema.
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DIY Bug Repellent With Essential Oils While Pregnant
Robert Tisserand suggests Tumeric, Citronella, and Peppermint essential oils as a great blend to repel Zika virus-carrying mosquitos. As a Florida mommy, I was thrilled to find this and had to share with all of you. Tisserand is the founder of The Tisserand Institute, the leading organization of research and education in the art and practice of aromatherapy.
He claims the complete safety of these essential oils while pregnant. Create the repellant in a blend rate of 4% Tumeric, 3% Citronella, 3%Peppermint, and a 90% base of your choice, i.e., avocado oil, fractionated coconut oil, or water.
7.     Tumeric
Tumeric is a virtual wonder drug. No, it’s not a real drug and the FDA does not back any claims that essential oils can “cure” anything. But the following claims are backed by Dr. Josh Axe DC, DNM, CNS, who owns the number one leading natural health website in the world today.
The claims include that it helps fight colon cancer, helps prevent neurologic diseases, potentially treats epilepsy, aids in reducing arthritis and joint issues, improves liver health, helps combat breast cancer, may reduce some leukemia cells, relieves depression and anxiety, improves the common cold, and boosts skin health.
8.     Citronella
Citronella is known for its insect repelling properties. It is also used in soap making, household disinfectants, deodorant, perfume, and hair/massage oils.
9.     Peppermint
Peppermint oil can help with indigestion, gas, headaches, and pregnancy-induced itching. This oil is also one of the safe essential oils while pregnant, used for nausea.
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Take the Guesswork out of Making a Blend
10.  Fresh Mommy Blend
I have been using essential oils for years and while pregnant multiple times. But I didn’t start out where I am today and I realize that using essential oils can be intimidating at first.
Over the years I have collected lists of similar scents, similar benefits, a list of oils that are safe for children, and safe during pregnancy. I learned about base notes, middle notes, and top notes that marry together perfectly. After my personal experience, I created the perfect blend of oils, the Fresh Mommy Blend, which supported my changing skin, emotions, and hormones while pregnant.
The scent was calming, stress relieving, and there were so many awesome health benefits. So I joined my favorite essential oil company to bring, what I hope will be a blessing, to other moms in need.
Fresh Mommy Blend takes the guesswork out of mixing the correct amount of seven essential oils that combine in a balanced warm floral scent. It is perfect for a diffuser to elevate your mood. Or dilute it with fractionated coconut oil for a hormone balancing moisturizer.
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Essential Oils While Pregnant Can Be Totally Safe
Being cautious using essential oils while pregnant is understandable. But it doesn’t have to be scary. Now you know how to safely use your oils by avoiding ingestion and using the dilution chart.
Follow up by doing a little research before using a new essential oil. This list is a great way for you to get started right away using the very best essential oil choices.
If you’re looking for some further guidance check out my awesome post on the Top 5 Essential Oils for Nausea When Expecting. This list is a lifesaver. Good luck momma!

What are your thoughts on using essential oils while pregnant?  Share in a comment below!
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