Baby Registry Must-Haves for Twins

Having twins is two times of everything. I’m twice as big, twice as tiring, and it seems like we have to get twice as much baby stuff. We scoured to find the 3 most important products that are absolute baby registry must-haves for twins.
Find out which twin products we decided were worth getting as a splurge, and which may be a good steal.

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We decided to check out the baby registry at buybuy BABY, and I’m so glad we did! Since there is a location not too far from us, we went in store to get it all set up.  The best part about it was having SO many of the items that I’ve been researching online, available to touch, feel and try out. Making our decision making process SO much easier.  And between that and the info from their experts, we were able to shape our choices into the top baby registry must-haves for twins that I have listed below!
Another few perks of a baby registry at buybuy BABY is the free goody bag filled with samples and amazing coupons like a %15 discount for any remaining registry items and free shipping for baby’s first year! Once I was able to get a feel for the big items and knew what I wanted to choose, it was easy editing and adding to my registry from the comfort of my own home. 

Now on to Our Useful Baby Registry Must-Haves for Twins
Bassinets for Twins
When we brought home Aria two years ago we used the HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper right next to our bed for easy access during all the nighttime feedings. I loved how it easily adjusted to the height of our bed and the 360-degree swivel allowed me to get in and out of bed without disturbing her.
There were so many wonderful features that when I was looking for a bassinet for twins I was thrilled to find the HALO Bassinest® Twin Sleeper. It’s the same great HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper, but it has space for two bundles of joy. A mesh divider gives each baby their own compartment, but they can still see that their buddy is there.
How the babies will be able to interact, or not, is a great consideration when looking for twin products.
It has patented retractable sides that can be locked in place.  Which allows me to easily lean over and lift baby out. And now the 360-degree swivel takes on a whole new meaning in a bassinet for twins. I’ll be able to turn the entire bassinet around to reach the baby farthest away without ever having to leave my bed.
Seriously, that’s amazing.
The Soothing Center panel is what puts this bassinet over the top. There are buttons for lullabies, soothing sounds, a nightlight to peek at baby/babies, and vibration which I hope will put the boys back to sleep right away.  Just as it did for Aria.
Speaking of sleep, the HALO Bassinest® Twin Sleeper also has a Back-to-Bed Reminder button. This gives mommy a gentle reminder to put the babies back to bed just in case she fell asleep while breastfeeding. It makes me feel so much better knowing there is this added safety feature.
After all, it’s a bassinet for twins; and I have this little feeling I will be short on sleep for a little while.
In the end, I’ve decided the HALO Bassinest® Twin Sleeper is a splurge while STILL being a steal.  It costs less than buying two of the Premier Series and the ability to swivel it completely around to easily reach both babies makes this bassinet for twins priceless. And to me, a good bassinet is one of those must haves for twins!
While creating our baby registry must-haves for twins at buybuy BABY, we couldn’t really find another bassinet that was created with twins in mind. There are however Twin Pack N Play options that can be used as a bassinet, and that could be considered a steal if you’re looking to save. While you’ll lose out on the swivel feature, a twin pack n play can come in handy for travel (which is why we’re looking at those as well!) and have listed our top picks below…
Twin Pack N Play
We had a real debate over which twin pack n play we would choose. Price, size, and travel ability were all aspects we needed to consider. So here are our two finalists.
At first, we were looking at the Baby Trend® Retreat Twins Nursery Center. This twin pack n play has all of the bells and whistles like front storage for diapers and wipes, and an electronic music center that has songs, vibration, and a nightlight.
But the most amazing feature—in addition to the changing table—are the two completely removable Rock-A-Bye Bassinets with attached toys. You can safely allow your twins to sleep in these bassinets. And if you are lucky enough to take a shower they can come with you.
The other twin pack n play we were looking at is the Joovy® Room2 Twin Nursery Center. We liked how this one packed up easily for travel, as you know we do enjoy our family trips. And the changing table flips away without having to detach or reconfigure anything.
Now, that’s a busy mommy win.
Joovy® Room2 Twin Nursery Center is moderately priced but needs to be used with the Joovy2 playard. So essentially, you would have to purchase both to make it a twin pack n play. But when you compare the combined price of the Joovy® with the Baby Trend® then they are actually neck and neck.
But if you already have the Joovy® playard then it would be a steal to add the Joovy® Room2 Twin Nursery Center to the top. With a sleek design and a flip-up changing table, another of the pro of the Joovy, is that it measures about 10 inches wider when set-up, meaning it can grow with your babies and last for just a bit longer than the Baby Trend playard version. The Joovy® Playard is one of the most highly rated options on the market though, so I feel that either way, you won’t be sorry with this bassinet/playtime solution as one of your baby registry must haves for twins.

Twin Strollers
Finding the right stroller is hard enough, but finding the right twin strollers is possibly twice as hard. There are double frame strollers, full-featured double strollers, double umbrella strollers, and tandem vs. side by side.
Keep in mind I already have four children. I wanted something easy to use and easy to pack up for on the go. My personal preference is a side-by-side; for the simple fact that the twins could be nearer each other.  Plus, I liked the set-up of most side-by-side twin strollers better.  Mainly because many of the seats can switch from front facing to rear facing. 
We started by looking at twin strollers and found the Baby Jogger® City Mini® Double Stroller. Don’t let the name fool you, this is NOT a jogging stroller. It’s a simple side by side that would be great for maneuvering around the city.
With a lightweight design and quick fold, those both came as a plus.  But the caveat is the fact that you can’t add car seats to this stroller.  So we’d need to add a double stroller frame for the first few months. However, the price is right as far as twin products go.  So I would call the Baby Jogger® City Mini® Double Stroller a steal.
The Twin Stroller Splurge:
But I wanted something more. I took a lot of time researching car seats (again) and if you’ve been around here for a while, you may have noticed we’re fans of Chicco. We were searching for something narrow so all 8 of us can fit into our vehicle, and the width of the KeyFit 30 Zip Infant Car Seats (as well as the reviews) put this at the top of my list… and the fact that they’ll fit side by side in our car!
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When it comes to getting out of the vehicle, I wanted twin strollers I could put those car seats straight into. The Bugaboo Donkey2 Classic Complete Stroller was just what I was looking for. The reviews by moms of multiples are simply glowing.
It has a smooth ride with amazing tires and very sturdy construction. It’s compatible with selected infant car seats with the use of an adaptor. I made sure the car seats we wanted would work.
And if we ever decided to have another little one…the twin strollers convert down to a mono stroller.  Out of all the twin strollers we saw, I’m really excited to try this one.  But, I have to admit the Bugaboo Donkey2 Classic Complete Stroller is a splurge.
Breast Pumps for Twins
Double the babies, means double to kisses and cuddles… and double the feeding. Thankfully I’ve been able to breastfeed my other four babes, and so we’re going to try with the twins as well.
One thing I always tried to do was have a stock of breastmilk for those times I wouldn’t be around during feeding. Now, with twins, I know there will be times I’ll need help in the feeding department as well, and we want to be as prepared as possible, which is why a good breast pump makes the list for our must haves for twins.
One pump that comes highly rated, especially for twin moms, is the Spectra Baby S1 Plus Double Electric Breast Pump.  Something that we’ve added to our registry! While it’s less expensive than most double breast pumps on the market, it allows you to express milk from one breast at a time or both breasts at the same time. The system is also a closed system.  Which makes it difficult for milk to get caught in the tubing. A couple other bonus features are the nighttime pumping nightlight and the fact that it’s super quiet.
If you happen to look, and are wondering the difference between the S1 and the s2.  The slightly larger (and slightly heavier) battery of the S1 allows for up to three more hours of pumping.  Meaning it’s one that you can take on-the-go without cords or plugs.
This is definitely a steal in my book, and one with a great track record.
The Breast Pump Splurge:
Of course, I’m also the type that likes to try new things.  And since I’ve had my last babies, there have been a few fun new gadgets to hit the market. 
In the breast pump world, those gadgets would be the wearable breast pump that fits right inside your bra for a discreet and convenient way to pump throughout the day. When filling our twin registry at BuyBuyBaby, we found the Elvie® Double Electric Breast Pump to fit the bill.
At about double the price of the traditional style pump, you’d have to decide if it’s worth it, though if you’re typically on-the-go quite often, I could see how it truly could be!
With no large system to lug around, just two small, portable and QUIET pumps that can slide right under your shirt, you can really pump anywhere. And with the smartphone app to start and stop the adjustable suction and speed, you can also monitor milk volume in real time. 
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Other Twin Products and Must Haves for Twins
Okay, so this is a bonus as far as twin products.
We found another item on for our baby registry must-haves for twins that I couldn’t stop myself from sharing with you. The My Brest Friend® Twin Nursing Pillow. It’s definitely one of my must haves for twins – and one I keep hearing is highly recommended by moms of twins.
Can you imagine breastfeeding two babies at the same time?
This is going to give a whole new meaning to the word supermom; and in my mind twin products that can help are great. It completely wraps around for back support and has a one-handed closure.
And really it’s not that much more than a single Boppy pillow, so I’m going to call this a steal.
I’m still looking into other helpful products for our baby registry must-haves for twins. So keep checking back as we share our favorite twin products now and through the boys’ birth. We can feel the excitement building.

If you have multiples and have a list of must haves for twins, we want to know! And, if you know of a friend or relative who have favorite twin products we want to know that too. Leave us your tips in the comments below!
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